Nixa Animal Hospital

700 W Mt. Vernon
Nixa, MO 65714


House call veterinary services are a great option for multi-pet households, pets who don't travel well, or pets that are scared of the vet's office. 


What medical services can be provided during a house call?  Your pet can receive their physical exam, vaccines, routine and preventative blood testing, and treatment for minor health conditions such as vomiting, diarrhea, lameness, skin allergies, arthritis, etc.  For major illnesses, surgery or x-rays your pet will need to be seen at Nixa Animal Hospital. 


What hours are you available?  We typically schedule house calls on Tuesdays or Fridays, but special arrangements can be made for other times.  Please contact us at 417-725-8700 to schedule a house call appointment.


What about my pet's medications?  Medications that are needed immediately are sold directly by Dr. Ramsey during the house call.  For long term medications or medication refills they can be purchased through the online store or at Nixa Animal Hospital. 


How much does a house call cost?   For an estimate of charges or to determine if your pet is due for vaccines, please contact the hospital at 417-725-8700.  House call charges are based on distance from Nixa Animal Hospital, please contact the hospital for an estimate.


Is my house in an area for house calls?  To know if your house is located in an area Dr. Ramsey visits patients, please contact the hospital  If you are in an area she does not visit, your pet can be seen at Nixa Animal Hospital.